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Spray Dryer Datasonic

Spray Dryer - Secador por Atomização Datasonic

This high-speed centrifuging spray dryer is mainly used to make liquid material directly into micro powder - you don’t need to do material filtration, concentration and smash before drying, very convenient and make your drying process high efficient.

Suitable for all solution such as emulsion, suspending liquid,etc.

1,5 -2l , 3L, 5L, 10L, 25L, 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L~2000L industrial spray dryer customize.
- CE certified reliable quality guarantee.

Main features of industrial spray dryer:

1.It can produce spherical powder with good liquidity.

2. It can produce granules products with uniform particle size distribution.

3. It can reduce the wall sticking amount of atomization flight line.

4.  The average particle size of powder can be adjusted.

5. With low cap way, improve the recovery rate of granulation products.

6. Equipped with high temperature and high efficiency filter, to prevent products cross contamination.

7. Equipped with bag filter, which can improve the recovery of fine powder, exhaust gas cleaning, prevent pollution.

8. Hot air temperature automatic control, the difference range of set valve is small.

9. Spray dryer has realized the miniaturization, takes up less space and easy operation.

10. Particle size distribution and apparent density can be adjusted by the various spray tray.

Technical parameters of 10L spray dryer:

Air inlet temperature control30-300 ℃
Evaporated water capacity10000ml/h
Electric heater power20KW, AC380V
Max wind pressure53KPa
Spray nozzle diameter5mm
Air compressor1set
Air outlet Temperature control30-140 ℃
Max charging capacity10000ml/h
Min charging capacity100ml
Max flow441 ( m³/h)
Design External dimension2500*1600*2800mm L*W*H
Vibration Pneumatic hammer2pcs

Main features of 25L, 30L, 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L spray drying equipment:

Inlet temp. (℃)≤350℃
Outlet temp. (℃)<80-90℃
The largest water evaporation (kg/h)2550100150200-2000
Centrifugal spray head drive modeMechanical drive
Rotate speed2200021500180001800015000
Diameter of spray tray (mm)102108108150180-340
Heat sourceElectricElectric + steam;   Fuel oil; Coal gasElectric + steamElectric + steam; Fuel oil; Coal gasUser could solve by self
Dimension L*W*H3*2.7*4.263.7*3.2*5.14.6*4.2*65.5*4.5*7Based on actual situation
Dry powder recycle %≥95

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Spray Dryer Datasonic

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