• Cabeçote de Raio X Bipolar GE para ISOVOLT Titan E 450 M2 / 0.4 - 1.0 HP

Robust, Reliable and Highly Accurate Stationary - X-ray Generators for the Widest Range of Applications.

The Reference Class for X-ray generators is based on the proven ISOVOLT platform, which offers more than 25 years experience with thousands of installations across the world.
Designed for radiography, radioscopy, radiometry and life-science applications, which place the highest demands on reliability and exposure quality, the range of Titan E generators and accessories meets the different degrees of automation and customization, required throughout the industrial and scientific sectors.
A wide range of systems is provided. Generators and tubes can be 160 kV, 225 kV, 320 kV, 420 kV or 450 kV, and can be operated from as low as 5 kV or a current range exceeding up to 45 mA*.
Titan E control is a modern, state-of-the-art industrial control module for fail-safe and intuitive system operation. A powerful range of suitable accessories complements the integration and application capabilities for all facets of industrial or scientific environments.

Selection of bipolar tubes
ISOVOLT 450 M2 0.4 - 1.0 HP
Max. Tube Voltage (kV): 450
Tube Current (mA): 3.3; at Max. Tube Voltage: 1.5
Max. Anode Dissipation (W): 1500; at Max. Tube Voltage: 700
Focal Spot Size EN 12 543 (mm): 1.00; at Max. Tube Voltage: 0.40
Inherent Filtration (mm): 5.0 / Be
Emergent Beam Angle:: 30° x 40° Asym.
Weight (kg (lbs)): 90 (198)

Datasheet (ISOVOLT Titan E Series X-ray Generator)

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Cabeçote de Raio X Bipolar GE para ISOVOLT Titan E 450 M2 / 0.4 - 1.0 HP

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