PE330 is a N type male to N type male low loss test cable using PE-P300LL coax. This Pasternack type N male to type N male cable assembly, with 6m lenght, uses a 50 Ohm type N for connector 1 and a 50 Ohm type N for connector 2.

Our male type N to male type N cable assembly uses a flexible cable type that is 50 Ohm. Pasternack PE330 N type male to N type male cable assembly is constructed with PE-P300LL coax and the maximum VSWR is 1.35:1.

Key Specifications
Connector Series 1 - N
Connector Gender 1 - Male
Connector Polarity 1 - Standard
Connector Angle 1 - Straight
Connector Mount Method 1 - None
Connector Impedance 1 - 50
Connector Series 2 - N
Connector Gender 2 - Male
Connector Polarity 2 - Standard
Connector Angle 2 - Straight
Connector Mount Method 2 - None
Connector Impedance 2 - 50
RF Cable Part Number - PE-P300LL
RF Cable Type - PE-P300LL
RF Cable Impedance - 50


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