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Barreiras Zener em Trilho DIN Pepperl-Fuchs Sistema-Z

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Zener Barriers – Cost Saving and Easy Mounting Ex-Protection

Zener barriers prevent the transmission of excessively high energy levels from the non-explosion hazardous area to the hazardous area. These interface modules are the right choice when galvanic isolation is not needed or otherwise provided.

Zener barriers provide cost saving Ex-protection for various applications in process automation systems. The amount of energy transferred to the hazardous location is limited to a safe level incapable of igniting the explosive atmosphere.

Z-system zener barriers from Pepperl+Fuchs are directly mounted on a 35 mm DIN-Rail. Through accessories, the required grounding can be done directly on the DIN mounting rail.

- Fast mounting on the DIN-rail

- Grounding directly connected with DIN-rail

- Separation of field loop by removing the fus

Z-system zener barriers are available with high density up to 2 channels / 12,5 mm width. Variants with field replaceable fuses provide a convenient means of disconnecting or open-circuiting the instrument loop without interfering with the wiring, making commissioning and maintenance operations much easier.

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