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Sensor Fotoelétrico, sensor Slot, Sensor Fotoelétrico Slot, Pepperl-Fuchs, GL30-RT/32/40a/98a, Pepperl-Fuchs GL30-RT/32/40a/98a, Sensor Fotoelétrico Slot Pepperl-Fuchs GL30-RT/32/40a/98a

A linha fotoelétrica da Pepperl+Fuchs também abrange sensores slot especiais. Esse tipo de sensor é usado apenas quando uma curta distância de detecção é necessária. Eles oferecem a vantagem de ter uma instalação elétrica mais simples em comparação aos sensores tipo barreira, uma vez que a fiação é necessária somente para um dispositivo. Além disso, não há problemas de alinhamento entre o emissor e o receptor.

--- Model Number GL30-RT/32/40a/98a, Photoelectric slot sensor with 3-pin, M8 x 1 connector ---


- Optimized for the detection of small parts

- High switching frequency

- Multiple device installation possible, no mutual interference (no cross-talk)

- Sensitivity adjuster and light/dark switch as standard features of this series

- Visible red light

- Degree of protection IP67

- cULus approval

- Diecast zinc housing, powder coated

Product information

Photoelectric slot sensors offer vast installation benefits thanks to their housing design. When it comes to operation, these new generation devices boast features such as high resolution, high repeatability, automatic signal threshold adjustment, ambient light resistance, and detection of and/or light transmission through transparent objects. Cross-talk protection enables parallel installation of devices despite extremely high switching frequency. These characteristics guarantee reliable detection of small parts, from 0.3 mm, across the entire detection range, even in very fast moving applications.

Technical data

General specifications

Light source: LED

Light type: modulated visible red light

Tests: EN 60947-5-2

Target size: 0.3 mm

Slot width: 30 mm

Slot depth: 35 mm

Ambient light limit: 100000 Lux

Functional safety related parameters

MTTFd: 1290 a

Mission Time (TM): 20 a

Diagnostic Coverage (DC): 0 %

Indicators/operating means

Function indicator: LED red in connector

Control elements: Sensitivity adjuster, light/dark switch

Electrical specifications

Operating voltage UB: 10 ... 30 V DC, class 2

Ripple: 10 %

No-load supply current I0: ≤ 15 mA


Switching type: light/dark on

Signal output: 1 PNP, short-circuit protected, open collector

Switching voltage: max. 30 V DC

Switching current: max. 100 mA

Repeat accuracy: 0.05 mm

Switching frequency f: 3 kHz

Response time: ≤ 160 µs


Product standard EN 60947-5-2

Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature: -20 ... 60 °C (-4 ... 140 °F)

Storage temperature: -20 ... 75 °C (-4 ... 167 °F)

Mechanical specifications

Degree of protection: IP67

Connection: M8 connector, 3-pin

Material: Housing powder coated diecast zinc, Optical face glass

Mass: 60 g

Approvals and certificates

CE conformity: CE

UL approval: cULus

CCC approval: CCC approval / marking not required for products rated ≤36 V

Operating principle

Photoelectric slot sensors are photoelectric sensors that operate according to the thru-beam sensor principle. The transmitter sends signals directly to the receiver. If an object breaks the light beam, the switching element function is triggered. The special U-shaped design means the transmitter and receiver can be accommodated in one housing, which ensures high resistance to vibrations. In contrast to standard thru-beam sensors, photoelectric slot sensors have the added advantage of not requiring complex electrical installation, as only one device needs to be connected. Also, adjustment of the optical axes is not necessary.


V3-WM-2M-PUR: Female cordset single-ended, M8, 3-pin, PUR cable

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Sensor Fotoelétrico Slot Pepperl-Fuchs GL30-RT/32/40a/98a

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