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Carga Eletrônica CC Programável Keithley Série 2280S

Series 2280S supplies deliver up to 192W of low output noise power and superior load current measurement sensitivity.

Built-in plotting functions allow monitoring trends such as drift. These supplies offer up to 6½-digit resolution for characterizing small changes in load currents with confidence. Four load current measurement ranges support measuring a device’s full load current, standby mode current, and small sleep mode currents with DMM-quality accuracy.

Features : Benefits

0.02% voltage programming and readback accuracy with remote sensing : Ensures the desired voltage is accurately applied to the load.

Clean output power, <1mVRMS noise : Minimizes any disturbance to the load.

0.05% current measurement accuracy and 10nA resolution : Allows measuring small load currents with confidence.

Can capture load changes that occur at intervals as short as 140μs : Allows monitoring load currents easily in all of a portable, battery-operated device’s operating modes so designers can determine the device’s total power consumption.

High resolution TFT display and soft-key/icon-based user interface : Simplifies power supply setup and operation.

Built-in graphing capabilities : Simplifies analyzing trends or displaying voltage or current waveforms.

Programmable rise and fall times : Eliminates voltage overshoot and undershoot transients that could damage the device under test.

Programmable output sequences : Reduces test times on the bench and in rack-based production test systems.

Sinks up to 0.45A : Allows discharging voltage quickly.

Built-in web page : Supports automated control, monitoring, and data logging.

ModelDescriptionNumber of OutputsMaximum VoltageMaximum CurrentConnectivity
2280S-32-6 Prog Single Ch DC PS, 32V, 6A, 192W132V6AUSB, GPIB, LAN
2280S-60-3 Prog Single Ch DC PS, 60V, 3.2A, 192W160V3.2AUSB, GPIB, LAN

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Carga Eletrônica CC Programável Keithley Série 2280S

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