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Fonte de Bancada CC Programável Keithley Série 2260B

Source a wide range of voltages and currents with the 360W, 720W, or 1080W Series 2260B Programmable DC Power Supplies.

The 360W versions can output current of 36A, 13.5A, 4.5A, or 1.44A; the 720W models can output 72A, 27A, 9A, or 2.88A; and the 1080W instruments can output 108A, 40.5A, 13.5A or 4.32A. This wide range of output voltages and current, combined with multiple interface choices, makes the Series 2260B ideal for use in a wide range of applications, including research and design, quality control, and production test.

Features : Benefits

Programmable voltage or current rise and fall times from 0.1V/s to 1600V/s or 0.01A/s to 216A/s (model dependent) : Prevents damage from inrush current to loads that have low impedance when power is initially supplied.

Constant current priority setting : Reduces voltage and current overshoot when powering LEDs.

Programmable output resistance : Allows simulating a battery’s output characteristics.

Analog input control : Supports creating voltage profiles that simulate how a battery responds to a fast changing load current or generating a combined DC output level with an AC signal superimposed on it to test how a circuit responds to noise on its DC power source. 

Internal test sequence mode  : Allows outputting a set of voltage levels for varying time intervals at each level. The test sequence can be stored and used repeatedly to determine DUT performance at different levels.

Series or parallel configurable : Delivers up to 3240W when three units are combined in parallel.

Fast discharge capability and 1ms transient recovery time to load changes. : Minimizes test times in automated test systems.

Fit six 360W, three 720W, or two 1080W units in a standard rack width : Save bench and test system rack space.

ModelDescriptionNumber of OutputsMaximum VoltageMaximum CurrentConnectivity
2260B-30-36Programmable DC PS, 30V, 36A, 360W130V36AUSB, LAN, GPIB, Analog
2260B-80-13Programmable DC PS, 80V, 13.5A, 360W180V13.5AUSB, LAN, GPIB, Analog
2260B-250-4Programmable DC PS, 250V, 4.5A, 360W1250 V4.5 AUSB/LAN; GPIB optional
2260B-800-1Programmable DC PS, 800V, 1.44A, 360W1800 V1.44 AUSB/LAN; GPIB optional
2260B-80-27Programmable DC PS, 80V, 27A, 720W180V27AUSB, LAN, GPIB, Analog
2260B-30-72Programmable DC PS, 30V, 72A, 720W130V72AUSB, LAN, GPIB, Analog
2260B-30-108Programmable DC PS, 30V, 108A, 1080W130 V108 AUSB/LAN; GPIB optional
2260B-80-40Programmable DC PS, 80V, 40.5A
180 V40.5 AUSB/LAN; GPIB optional
2260B-250-9Programmable DC PS, 250V, 9A, 720W-250 V9 AUSB/LAN; GPIB optional
2260B-800-2Programmable DC PS, 800V, 2.88A, 720W1800 V2.88 AUSB/LAN; GPIB optional
2260B-250-13Programmable DC PS, 250V, 13.5A, 1080W1250 V13.5 AUSB/LAN; GPIB optional
2260B-800-4Programmable DC PS, 800V, 4.32A, 1080W1800 V4.32 AUSB/LAN; GPIB optional

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Fonte de Bancada CC Programável Keithley Série 2260B

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