The SPD3303C is a LED display screen programmable linear DC power supply that is both lightweight and feature-packed. It has three independent outputs: two sets of adjustable voltage / current and a fixed set of selectable voltages; 2.5, 3.3, and 5 V.

In addition, the ‘3303C has outputs that are short-circuit and overload protected. Total power is 220 W. It has three available operation modes; independent, series and parallel modes. The SPD3300C has a high performance-to-price ratio and can be used in various types of production, education and research environments.

    3 independent high precision outputs: two 32 V /3.2 A, one 2.5 V / 3.3 V / & 5 V / 3.2 A, total 220 W power
    4 digit voltage and 3 digit current display, min resolution: 10 mV, 10 mA
    Three output modes: independent, series and parallel
    100/120/220/230 V compatible design, to meet the needs of various power grids

SPD3303C: Channel Output - in CH1: Voltage 0 to 32 V, Current 0 to 3.2 A; in CH2: Voltage 0 to 32 V, Current 0 to 3.2 A; in CH3: Voltage 2.5/3.3/5.0 V, Current 3.2 A; LED display: 4 digit voltage display, 3 digit current display; Resolution of 10 mV, 10 mA; Setting accuracy of Voltage ± (0.5% of reading + 2 digits), Current ± (0.5% of reading + 2 digits); Readback accuracy of Voltage: ± (0.5% of reading + 2 digits), Current: ± (0.5% of reading + 2 digits)

Key Features

    Smart temperature controlled fan, effectively reduces the fan noise
    Save/Recall 5 group system set-ups, supports data storage expansion
    Connected to PC via USB Device, support SCPI command, to meet the control and communication needs

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